Keeping off freshman 15, keeping up your wallet size

Lauren Shassere

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Honor Flight
May 22, 2015

Lauren Shassere

For those who find eating healthy or on a budget difficult, it is good to keep in mind that its okay to enjoy yourself every now and then as long as it is in moderation. Here a student shows her bowl of fruit accompanied with a jar of Nutella. Nutella is not necessarily the healthiest or cheapest of choices but she only uses a small amount to put on top of her banana slices.

If just the simple fact of getting into the college of your dreams is not stressful enough let’s talk about the one thing that matters to young adults almost as much as sleep, FOOD. It sure is nice and cozy at home with your mom making your meals and food magically appearing in the cupboards by the time you get home from school but if you are an upper classmen , especially a senior, that is all about to change.

Do you ever have those moments at the end of a school year where you are just like, “wow this year has moved so fast,”? Well if not I do, every year in fact. So if you are completely lost in the realm of finding affordable, easy to make, relatively healthy food there are some simple steps for you to be more prepared for independence (food wise ,of course).

Ramen Noodle, cheap; yes but healthy no. If you are planning on being one of those college students that stock your dorm room with soley ramen noodles, candy, cereal and bags of chips then your freshman 15 will quickly rise to a freshmen 30.

Some basic necessities for a healthy college eating experience are meat, fruits, and vegetables. For meat I suggest learning how to prepare chicken because primarily chicken is the highest quality of meat that will not “break the bank”.  If you get tired of chicken a little fish here and there won’t kill you.

Learning to make eggs is also very important, a healthy breakfast can make or break your day , eggs are loaded with protein and give you essential vitamins. Along with being super good for you they are also affordable and so easy to make. You do not have to be able to make perfect over medium eggs and flip them in the air but if you learn to make simple scrambled eggs then you are all set.

Now moving on to the fruits and vegetables, personally clementine’s are my absolute favorite and when I am in college I plan on keeping my room stocked with a little bag of “cuties” at all times. It is all up to preference though whether you are an apple type of kid or more of a celery person, as long as you expose yourself to either a fruit or vegetable every day you are locked and loaded to maintain good health while maintaining a good wallet size.

When my dad was in college his friends and he would practically spend all their meals eating his invention that he called, “scroodle noodles” that consisted of Fussili noodles and different sauces that he played around with. That just shows how easy it is to prepare different pastas and if you are feeling risky you can even experiment with them like my dad did. There are so many possibilities for good easy and cheap meals with pasta.