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Lauren Shassere
  Hi, my name is Lauren Shassere and this is my fourth and final year as part of the Sycamore Leaf Family. Being spotlight chief for this amazing award winning news magazine has taught me and continues to teach me so much about hard work and working collaboratively with others. Being Spotlight chief definitely takes me out of my comfort zone sometimes, as I have to go out in search of people's stories whom I don't know. I am a year- round athlete so writing sports articles about events I was passionate about and people whom I knew was always my go-to in years past. Putting myself in this new position took a lot of courage on my part and I could not be happier with my decision. Now I love meeting new people,hearing their stories and more than anything giving them the opportunity to be recognized. The Leaf, Spotlight and the sycamore students I meet through it have all contributed to my growth as both a writer and a person. Go Aves!


Lauren Shassere, Spotlight Chief

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Lauren Shassere