Breaking out of usual routine

Lauren Shassere

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Honor Flight
May 22, 2015

Lauren Shassere

Students try their hardest to focus on the tasks they are given and do it with their full potentials, while struggling to not give in to the temptations of laziness. As the year progresses, avoiding laziness gets more and more difficult. This student is working on her rough draft for an English paper due in two days.

Same old tired day, same you, but in a new semester, students find themselves worn out and in a need of a refresher from their mundane school routines. Although second semester should seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel because the school year is half way over students still struggle to finish it strong.

“First semester seemed long enough and even towards the end of that it seemed that I started developing bad habits that carried over into my third quarter. I’m trying to break them but it’s just gotten to the point where it is hard to get out of this rut,” junior Savanna Asbrock said.

Many, like Asbrock have found difficulty as they transition into their second semester work load. Seeming to feel like it is too late in the year to still be fresh and motivated to do their best and too early to be motivate by the end of the school year approaching. Nevertheless, it is always still important to keep up your GPA and work ethic.

“Without a doubt keeping up with a good pace in the beginning of second semester is hard, but I wouldn’t say it is impossible. Boosting your GPA is worth the struggle,” junior Shane Brians said.

It is helpful to think of how working hard will help you and rather than focusing on the stress of the work now think of the big picture. Thinking of the big picture provides students with a sense of motivation to really push themselves to their potential.

“It definitely helps me to think of how this all will help my future and to get into the college and program of my dreams,” said Asbrock.