Water polo dresses to impress


McDaniels Photography

Senior Hannah Schwegmann calls for the ball and later takes a shot to end the game in a 7-3 victory for SHS. The girls are undefeated against Milford and this Senior Night victory continues their streak. They are approaching the end of their season with only two weeks remaining.

Many freshman, sophomores, and juniors were walking around in less than flattering attire on Oct. 6. There were some turtlenecks, some Miley Cyrus buns, and some hideous knee socks. But why? Why would anyone dress like this voluntarily?

The answer is the SHS girls water polo team. In order to raise awareness and rally support for Senior Night, the freshman, sophomore and junior ladies were encouraged to dress according to seniors orders, no matter how outrageous they were.

Senior Sarah Wessinger said, “This year’s water polo squad has nine seniors, a lot compared to other years, and we really wanted the underclassmen to remember us…vividly.”

Some teachers and administrators in years past have banned Senior Night outfits because they consider them to be hazing, but this year’s team was not forced to dress like this, they wanted to.

Sophomore Abigail Hausfeld said, “I don’t consider it to be hazing. I wanted to do it to show my love and respect for the senior players that have helped me grow so much as a player.”

Along with many tweets to get the word out, the outrageous outfits did in fact raise awareness about the game, rousing a very large crowd for the senior night game against the Milford Eagles on Tuesday night.

Freshman Nia Jeter said, “I think that since the outfits got more people to attend the game, I am satisfied with dressing up. I can’t wait to choose what the underclassmen have to wear when I am a senior!”

With the help of the parents and the Ave Cave supporters, the varsity girls pulled out a 7-3 win and celebrated with cake afterwards.