Tides turn in case against Planned Parenthood

Emily Chien

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Yasmine Guedira, 12
April 30, 2018

MCT Campus

Established by Margaret Sanger as far back as 1916, Planned Parenthood originated as a small birth control clinic which caused for her and her sister’s arrest. However, this case caused a dramatic change in the government’s views on women’s health. Nowadays, it is currently the largest single provider of reproductive health services.

After months of heated debate over whether the women’s health care branch should be shut down, the case has changed.

In fact, the Texas grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood from its suspected wrongdoings and instead turned to testify against two anti-abortion activists who attacked the organization with fake undercover videos that went viral last year.

Sophomore Yvanna Reyes said, “Everyone had seen that video, and the media went crazy over the debates between continuing funding or defunding Planned Parenthood. It became a bit of a bad word.”

According to Planned Parenthood’s study, however, these videos had been manipulated to show Planned Parenthood staff talking through plans to sell fetal tissue, which is currently illegal.

Reyes said, “Everyone was so astonished by those videos that I knew they could not be true. Honestly, these anti-abortion activists have crossed the line with radical ways of getting to their end goals.”

The anti-abortion group responsible for the tampering, Center for Medical Progress, was sued by the women’s health organization after the clear-cut evidence was established.

Sophomore Thea Ferdinand said, “It feels like the government has been split on this for so long, and it must cost a lot of money to continue fighting.”

Yet, this seemingly resolved issue is still up in the air according to Republicans. Despite multiple state investigations coming up clean, they still plan to continue investigations.