Cricket club coming soon


MCT Campus

Cricket is among the most popular sports in India. Here, it is being played in a local park by a few friends. Sivaruben wants it to be known that the club is always open to anyone who wants to join.

Baseball. America’s favorite pastime for centuries. Go to any random person in the streets and odds are they love baseball themselves, or at least know someone who does. But what about its international sister?

People from all over Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe love their sport called cricket. Well, what is cricket? Cricket is a sport that although at first glance may seem confusing, is actually quite similar to baseball.

Junior Varun Nagendra said, “I was recently watching the World T20 tournament, as I always do, and I realized that it really is like baseball with a few minor additions and subtractions.”

Here are the basics.

A bowler (pitcher) begins by throwing a ball at the ground that bounces up into the hands of the wicket keeper (catcher). The batsman (batter) takes a swing at the ball in attempt to hit it over the markers on the ground. If (s)he can, they get six runs scores. If the ball rolls to the ground marker, it is worth four runs.

Each team is allowed 10 wickets (outs) per inning and unless they use up too many pitches, keep batting until they have used up all 10 wickets. Wickets can be earned through catching a fly ball, or from a ball hitting a stump.

Now you are ready to play and thanks to junior Jannan Sivaruben, in a few weeks you can do just that.

Junior Jacob Grabowski said, “I enjoy watching cricket because it’s like baseball with a twist. I’ve always wanted to play it but I’ve never had an opportunity to do so. I am really excited for when this comes out.”

According to Jannan, cricket club will debut either this year once the weather warms up and is consistently warm. There will be an informational meeting in weeks to come.

Sivaruben said, “I decided last year that I wanted to start something that anyone could do and not worry if they will be good or bad. A few of my friends suggested I start cricket club and at first I took it as a joke, but after thinking about it for a while I realized I could definitely do this.”