Many murdered at mall

Recent shootings spark gun control debate

Imagine driving past Kenwood Towne Center or standing in a store and being shot by a fellow shopper.

This nightmare has become a common reality; within the past 10 days, two shootings have occurred in and around American shopping centers.

Most recently, the morning of September 26, a man in a vintage military uniform displaying a Nazi symbol shot at passing cars, injuring nine people before he was killed by police.

According to FOX News, the shooter, identified as attorney Nathan DeSai, was carrying two guns and 2,600 rounds of ammunition.

DeSai’s law firm closed down within the last year due to a lack of clients, and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said the gunman “appeared to be a disgruntled lawyer who took out his anger and frustration on individuals.”

Mentally ill shooters have become a commonplace event in the realm of news. However, to those whose lives are lost or threatened by this violence, the issue means more than just a headline on TV.

Along with the recent shooting in Houston, Arcan Cetin killed five after opening fire at a Macy’s in Washington.

Cetin had faced three charges of assault, after which he was told by a judge that he was not to possess a gun.

Also, according to an ATF official, “Both of [the Houston gunman] DeSai’s guns were purchased legally.”

This calls into question the background checks and qualifications tied to gun ownership.

“It’s common sense. We need more gun control because the laws we have currently are not effective. Something needs to change in order for this country to feel safe,” said Kiri Wang, 11.