Flooding engineering club with creativity


MCT Campus

Engineers work on more than just cars and vehicles. Some engineers work on parachutes and other things having to do with physics. Engineering Club provides an area offering experience and enhancement for various skills.

Students take classes in high school and in college to help prepare themselves for the real world. Clubs are excellent ways to add to this preparation for the real world. Engineering Club is what students who want to become engineers join.

In Engineering Club, members may use tools to further understand exactly what an engineer does. You do not need any knowledge of engineering to join.

“I think it is a good club to join if you would like to be an engineer because it gives you experience,” said Luke Huffer, 11.

“As an engineer, you don’t always use materials or tools that you might use.”

Many students who become members of Engineering Club are seeking to become familiar with what an engineer does and how one does the things they do.

“When people think of engineers, they go to cars and other vehicles, but we do more than that, such as parachutes,” said Huffer.

For more information, this club is listed here.