• Sophomores and juniors start school August 16

  • Freshman and seniors go back to school August 15

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August 2016 Columns: Welcoming back students, looking at Dance Team, reflecting on Courtney Fisher’s death


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Welcome back Aviators! The 2016-17 year has officially begun, and hopefully you are feeling as refreshed as the school is. That is right, the school has undergone changes that will make a huge difference for this year and in years to come.

Perhaps the most noticeable and effective change is to the lockers. You have likely noticed that there is a pool of tables that is separated from the rest of the commons. Located closer to the gym, these tables are reserved for seniors, and they have taken the place of the lockers that used to be there.

The lockers were moved upstairs and they have been put up along the wall closest to the gym. This move will allow for not only more general space near the locker bays, but a more comfortable eating experience too. Moving some of the tables to a different area creates less clutter overall.

Some of you may have noticed that the school looks more vibrant than it did in years past. Of course the commons and the Hub (formerly the IMC) have been redone and look better than ever, but did you notice the fresh paint everywhere?

Various parts of the school, mostly ceilings and walls, have been repainted for the first time in about 20 years. Look around and you will surely see some previously dull areas looking alive.

Finally we wrap around to athletics, where we discover the new gym floor. The floor has just been renovated and some noticeable features are a new logo at half-court, the GMC logo on either side of the court, and a new font for the words that say “Sycamore Aviators.”

As a new year for the school begins, a new year begins for you too. All I can say as of now is good luck and fly high.


After coming off of a strong end to the 2015-2016 season, the Sycamore Aves Dance Team is looking forward to building on a successful season.

Armed with four returning dancers and eight new members, returning coach Elise Williams, and new coach Kimberly Cooper, the team is getting ready for its fall performances and beyond.

Senior Rosanna Bartlett said, “So far, summer training has been a blast! The girls on the dance team this year are amazing, and everyone is like family. I can’t wait to see how much closer we become throughout the rest of the year!”

All through the summer the team had one-hour conditioning practices on Saturdays and two-hour technique practices on Wednesdays.

On top of practices, the girls went to the Universal Dance Association dance camp at the Great Wolf Lodge. There, each girl learned four routines and performed them at the end of the camp. They also worked on technique and bonded as a team.

As the summer work winds down, they are preparing to perform at upcoming football and soccer games.

Sophomore Verany Iek said, “Dancing on the Flyerettes team has been a great experience for me so far. Everyone is extremely nice and encouraging. I couldn’t ask for a better team.”


One of the constants we have in life is sports. Whether it is playing or watching, there is always something in the sports world to consume.

No matter where you attend school, sports are a central theme.

Unfortunately, this year started a little differently for the Worthington Kilbourne water polo team. Members of the team were involved in a fatal car crash on Aug. 12 while traveling to a pre-season tournament at Napoleon High School. This accident resulted in the death of Courtney Fisher.

It is events like this that highlight the fact that sports are not the end all be all.

This is especially true for the fans. While the Bengals 0-7 record in the playoffs under Marvin Lewis may feel like it is destroying your soul bit by bit, it actually has no bearing on you as a person or on your life.

The same goes for the athletes. While your accomplishments as an athlete may elevate you, they do not define you. Being a good athlete does not guarantee your life’s success, in the same way that being a mediocre athlete does not destine you for a life of failure and misery.

Life is a fleeting thing. No one lives forever, so it is important to live your whole life to the fullest.

We know Fisher as a water polo co-captain her senior year and a Division I commit to Marist University. However, there is a story behind every athlete. She is more than an athlete because sports is not everything. Life is bigger than sports, and no one can deny it.

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The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio
August 2016 Columns: Welcoming back students, looking at Dance Team, reflecting on Courtney Fisher’s death