Swimming sectionals lead into districts


McDaniel’s Photography

SPRINT. Anita Pan, 11 swims the butterfly stroke during the 200 Individual Medley. As the swim season is drawing to a close, many swimmers return to their club teams. The club team season will usually begin their championship season as well.

The swim season is currently in the middle of championship season. All SHS varsity swimmers competed in the sectional swim meet on February 10 and 11 at Mason High School.

“The meet was very long and tiring, but it is also fun because you are surrounded by your friends,” said Sarah Abraham, 11.

The sectional meet is a qualifying competition that gives swimmers an opportunity to earn a spot at the district meet. Districts takes place at Miami University on February 18.

SHS has qualified 10 girls and 11 boys to districts.

The girls include: Marissa Allen, 9; Grace Deng, 9; Anna Campbell, 10; Elizabeth Van Den Brink, 10; Sarah Abraham, 11; Amy Deng, 12; Hannah May, 12; Caroline Veraldo, 12; Lily Retford, 12; and Isabelle Jimenez, 12.

“It is so exciting to have so many underclassmen make it because they will carry the team in the future,” Retford said.

The boys include: Jason Merkel, 10; Robert Schramm, 10; Stephen Fang, 10; Noah Patterson, 10; Elliott Carl, 10; Sammy Risma, 10; Alex Newberg, 11; Luke Tenbarge, 11; Jiho Choi, 12; Matthew Schuetz, 12; and Bradley Greenberger, 12.

“The district level is very competitive but will definitely be an exciting competition,” Retford said.

Swimmers have been tapering at practice to prepare for the district level. Tapering consists of a reducing of intensity in distance in order to allow the body to rest and refuel for the competition.

Following the district meet comes the state competition which hosts the fastest swimmer in Ohio. That competition will take place in Canton, OH.