Writers chase time


Allyson Bonhaus

PICK UP YOUR PEN. Advanced Creative Writing is a class for those who have gone through Creative Writing, but if the student talks to Mrs. Sophia Feist, they may be able to skip the prerequisite. Neither of the classes are tied to the club, so any student can come to the club. “At the end we open the floor for people to share their writing if they’d like for feedback or support,” said Maia Davidson, 12, CWC president.

Students lead a club in the teachers’ lounge on Mondays: Creative Writing Club (CWC), which is held on Mondays to give a slight reprieve from the end of a hectic and long day. Mondays generally do not involve breaks, so the club meets on this day to allow students the chance to relax.

“[The club] has given me a safe space to write in every week and encouraged me to share my passion with others in the club,” said Maia Davidson, 12, CWC president.

SHS needs to watch for when the club announces that submissions to their magazine “Ink” are available or buying it is. The club tries to publish the magazine annually and is this year. Writers can be anonymous or named.

Any type of writing is accepted, whether it is poetry or short story, but word limits do apply. This generally takes place towards the end of the school year. “Ink” is a great chance for students to get their name published for many to see.

“We usually start the group off with an optional prompt to inspire those who don’t have any current project and [then we] write for the majority of the time,” Davidson said.

Not only does the club publish, but it provides a quiet spot to write, whether it is a poem, story, or an essay. There are prompts, as said, though they are not mandatory to follow. Snacks are also provided for the club participants.

CWC’s sponsor is Mrs. Sophia Feist, who teaches Creative Writing and Advanced Creative Writing, as well as some English classes. An assignment for Advanced Creative Writing students is to write three hours outside of the class every week, so this is a great chance to get in an hour weekly.

“We’re excited to introduce group trips to non-school places to help find new inspiration and help everyone feel comfortable writing everywhere,” said Davidson.

Also, many aspiring writers struggle to get into a routine, no matter how many years they have been writing. So, the weekly club provides students with the chance to develop a writing schedule.

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