September 2017 Staff Editorial: Giving aid to those in need


Sydney Evans

RELIEF. Businesses, charities, and individuals have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for relief efforts after a recent string of natural disasters. The affected communities in Texas, Florida, and the Bahamas will be recovering for years to come. SHS students have had multiple drives specifically for Hurricane Harvey.

Tragedy is often devastating, but it also carries opportunity within it. Millions of people were directly affected by recent natural disasters, primarily Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Homes and lives were shaken, and the recovery effort will continue for years, but these events have also served as opportunities for displays of kindness and humanity from across the country.

In this cover, we tell the stories of ASL Club, ESOL students, Ms. Latoya Pitts’ English class, and community members who have strived to aid both the people and the animals impacted by recent disasters.

These stories are tales of chances to learn, grow, and support those in need. Certainly that does not make the devastation worth it, but it is undeniably meaningful for both volunteers and recipients.

However, even as the media spotlight will inevitably fall away and attentions shift to other circumstances, we must maintain this spirit of benevolence.

The impacted communities will continue to rebuild for years to come. Harvey rendered about 100,000 homes unlivable for months at least. Hurricane Irma left 70 percent of Puerto Ricans without power, and the island was hit with Hurricane Maria just weeks after.

Even beyond these specific causes, it is ultimately the spirit of compassion and aid that is most crucially preserved. While there is not always an emergency at hand, there are constantly countless individuals at home and around the world struggling with loss, poverty, disease, and more.

There are so many organizations at SHS or the community with which we can get involved.

Members of this community are in better positions than most to give back, and whether your motivation is passion, experience, or service hours our time and efforts can make a difference, as was evidenced by the hundreds of dollars and clothing items that were collected in just a few weeks.