Writers form community


Allyson Bonhaus

READY, GET SET, WRITE. Snacks are always offered at Creative Writing Club (CWC) with dues of $20 for the entire year. One or more prompts are also given during meetings. There is optional time to share at the end either with a partner or to the group.

Whether students take a Creative Writing course or not, students are found in the teacher’s lounge participating in Creative Writing Club (CWC). The club meets on Mondays after school. Optional prompts are given, sometimes after a game involving writing.

There is no requirement to go to the club: students do not have to be aspiring writers or in any Creative Writing course. They only have to be interested. Senior Maia Davidson is the CWC President that provides the prompts each meeting.

On Nov. 13, students will be venturing outside of the building to meet at a nearby coffee shop named Awakenings. The meeting will be held there instead of in the teacher’s lounge as usual.

There are permission slips available in Mrs. Sofia Feist’s classroom for any interested students, even if they are not regulars in CWC.

The club is sponsored by Feist, who teaches Creative Writing along with Mr. Breen Reardon and one bell of Advanced Creative Writing. She also teaches academic and accelerated English for freshmen.

“Creative Writing is such a chill class! The environment is relaxing and low-stress, and it’s a nice break in the middle of my school-day,” said Emma Murphy, 11.

This is the first year to offer Advanced Creative Writing, which is a semester long class. Students are responsible for making and following through with their own long term writing project while reading a text similar to the one they want to create and a book about the craft.

“You have a chance to write, an opportunity to learn tips and tricks about how to become a better writer, and a supportive, constructive place to share your work with others,” Murphy said.

Students who take or do not take those classes may come for an hour assigned to writing. Also, in the creative writing classes there is ample opportunity to write as most days are dedicated to just that.

“Sometimes I have little to no time to write at home, so knowing that I’ll have at least one bell in school where I can write is a huge relief,” Murphy said.