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Tillie Berge: Staff Writer

Tillie Berge, Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Tillie Berge, and I’m a freshman at SHS. This will be my first year as a Staff Writer for the newspaper and I am very excited. I really enjoy writing in language arts class, so naturally this class seemed like the perfect opportunity. 

I decided to join journalism to further improve my writing. I think I will learn a lot about creating a newspaper, writing, and grammar in general from this class. In addition, I find it very important for the students at our school to have their voices heard. I hope to bring many important but also entertaining issues to light. The Leaf keeps everyone aware of current events and even things going on just inside SHS which I think is important for everyone. Furthermore, I am looking forward to working together on The Leaf and meeting upperclassmen, especially since it seems like such a fun and collaborative class. This will be a new type of class for me. In past years, I’ve never worked simultaneously with so many people all working towards the same goal. This finished product is so much fun to read and I’m excited to be behind the scenes. While COVID-19 is probably going to make our processes a little harder, I am still looking toward an incredibly exciting and successful year.

After school, I enjoy playing soccer. Currently, I play on the JV sycamore soccer team and hope to further advance my soccer skills. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends especially because whatever we do together is always entertaining.I look forward to making new friends this year at SHS. In addition, I love listening to music; Spotify and Apple music are my best friends when it comes to homework and studying as they leave me feeling much more energized and productive. I hope to become involved with several school activities in the coming winter and spring. I hope that you enjoy my writing and I encourage you to join journalism if you have the time!


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A COVID-19 Surge

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Tillie Berge