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The Leaf

Benjamin Brynjulfson-Reardon
I am a freshman and I’m a staff writer.  My personality is dictated by my surroundings and situations. My ‘normal’ personality is that of calm indifference, usually working fast and hard to complete my objective.  I enjoy writing in and out of class, mostly fictional pieces involving the more mythical side of writing. I also enjoy video, editing, animation and almost everything that comes with it. Writing is something I’ve been doing since I was little, after picking up the “Eragon” book series when I was 10. These worlds are unlike ours, taking place in mystical and hellish landscapes. Writing allows me to make such worlds, to try to give these feelings of wonder to others. I joined journalism to further my skills and gain knowledge in the writing field and to hopefully learn from my more experienced peers. I may not be the most social, but I can become an extrovert if the need arises. Right now I find myself in marching band, playing the fifth base. It’s a grueling task to march in the sun for hours on end wearing such a thing, but the feeling when I fall into bed at night is true and complete bliss. I often find myself walking barefoot over the carpet floor after a long day, just enjoying the softness and being grateful to have such wonderful things. I hope to become a greater writer and person by the end of this year.

Benjamin Brynjulfson-Reardon, Staff Writer

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The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio
Benjamin Brynjulfson-Reardon