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Ria Parikh
Hi! I’m Ria and I am a freshman here at Sycamore High School. I have always had a passion for writing and photography, and thought journalism would be a perfect place for me to grow and try different styles of writing. I came into high school very excited to get more involved and journalism is one of those new activities I am ready to put a lot of time and effort into. On the topic of writing and photography, in eighth grade, I entered in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and won a silver key in photography and a silver key and honorable mention in poetry!

Aside from writing, I have a lot of other hobbies and passions. I play tennis for the school and love it! With all of the practices and matches, I have become so close with all my teammates and it has become a big part of my high school life so far. I also love to ski with my friends and participate in the ski club at school. Winter is definitely my favorite season!

Aside from sports, I am also heavily involved in an Indian classical dance called Kathak. I’ve been doing it for about 9 years and take annual exams to move on to the next level. Soon I will have completed all the exams, making me a “graduate” of this dance form which is pretty exciting! I also do piano and have been doing it for almost 8 years. Like dance, I also take exams every year for piano to move on to the next level. These exams and performances for piano and dance teach me a lot about discipline and confidence, which are both things I need to work on more;)

Lastly, I have a big passion for traveling! I love seeing new places and diving into the culture connected with these new areas. While the relaxing beach vacations can be nice, I am more interested in going to more exotic and adventurous trips. Thank you if you made it until this point of me rambling! I am so excited to see what high school will bring the next four years!

Ria Parikh, Staff Writer

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Ria Parikh