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Ty Simmons
Hello all. My name is Ty Alonzo Simmons; this is my first year writing for the Leaf. This is my freshman year. I decided to join Journalism because I wanted to make an impact on my community; and the only way I thought I could accomplish that was by writing for the Leaf. I also thought this class could give me the skills I need in areas of writing I struggle with, like structure. I feel this will all be valuable to me later on as I plan to work in the field of Journalism. I have a lot of other activities; I like running, so Cross Country is a big thing for me. I also enjoy writing fantasy a lot; I even publish on Fanfiction.net. I love spending time with my friends, I hang out a lot. I think our favorite spot is DQ. Another thing that takes up quite a bit of my free time, is movies. I am a huge MCU fan, I own every DVD and special edition and the like. I also like looking into the daily lives of my favorite celebrities. I’d say Chris Evans is number one for me. I aspire to become a journalist; preferably for a film magazine, like the Hollywood Reporter. If paparazzi is involved, however, I’m out. I’m looking forward to working with everyone, and let's hope this year goes great. And with that, thank you for reading.

Ty Simmons, Staff Writer

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Ty Simmons