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The Leaf

Josh Moore
Hi, I'm Josh Moore, and after my first year as a freshman, I have returned to journalism as a sophomore, a writer, and the most average accountant you’ll ever come to know.

As a writer, I tend to focus more on sporting events and the team chemistries that develop between them. I find topics like these more appropriate and suitable for me to work on, seeing as how I play Hockey and Lacrosse for the school and personally know what goes on behind the scenes of these affairs.

As an accountant, I review the costs and revenues developed through marketing The Leaf so our team can find which topics work best to produce and the most effective ways to cultivate them. But I’d be lying if I said most of my time doesn’t chalk down to counting quarters and wrinkled dollars.

I’ve come to know journalism more as an association rather than a class. In a class you’re told what you need to know and the direct way on how to find it. In journalism, you build your understanding of concepts based off of independence, working hard, others around you, and what you're passionate for. I've come to know my classmates as my partners, and my partners as friends. I try not to associate with complaining in my writing and in life, I feel the best way to solve most social problems is to focus on the positive rather than rehearsing the negative. Besides lifeguarding, journalism is probably the closest I’ve ever come to a long term job, and I don’t plan on quitting any time soon. 

Josh Moore, Accountant

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Josh Moore