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Yvanna Reyes
Hello! My name is Yvanna Reyes. The class of 2016-2017 marks my third year of high school, second year at Sycamore High School, and first year on the journalism staff. As a junior, I am relentlessly encouraged to find my passion, accurately and as soon as possible. Personally, I would classify finding an area ‘passionate’ by discovering where you would not mind spending a little extra time, where hours pass by like seconds, where you are equally challenged and comforted. Considering this description, three things come to mind; learning, writing, and helping others. In a school setting, I am able to quench my affliction for these passions through advanced placement classes like English, psychology, and chemistry; all of which I hope to integrate into my future career by pursuing psychiatry. Aside from written communications, I also acquire energy by engaging interpersonal affairs such as Model UN, singing in SHS’ acapella group, Madrigal, and volunteering at a local nursing home. In addition, I also enjoy unwinding after school by learning to play some of my favorite tunes on the guitar, acoustic and electric, and ukulele. By being a part of the journalism community, I hope to not only practice rigor and discipline, but also find pride in the work that I contribute to this opportunity. Cheers to a great yea

Yvanna Reyes, Staff Writer

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Yvanna Reyes