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Lydia Masset
Hello! My name is Lydia Masset and I am thrilled to have you here on shsleaf.org!  This is my fourth and final year working in room 115 and I could not be more excited to be both the Web Editor and the Communications Director. Over the past several years I have experienced immense growth both in and out of journalism. My love of film photography has grown, and as a result I have won 3 scholastic keys and an honorable mention for my work. My love for my community has grown through volunteer tutoring and art service projects with local nonprofits. My love for my school has grown as a member of the executive board of student council.  And of course my love of journalism has only grown as I have had the opportunity to create meaningful relationships and adapt my mindset about the world around me. The Washington Post’s tagline is “Democracy dies in the dark” I believe at Sycamore not only our democracy dies in the dark, but also our spirit, strength, and passion. It is my personal goal to make our publications a beacon of education and light for our school and community! Here’s to a fantastic senior year! 


Lydia Masset, Managing Web Editor

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