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The Leaf

WEARING A MASK. This new emoji relates to quite a few people. It depicts how while many people appear to be smiling, but inside, they are really hurting. While it may be used as more a joke, the deeper meaning of this emoji makes it a nice addition to Apple products.

Expansion of emojis

March 9, 2020

 ZERO WASTE. By using old candy to create something new, the issues of still having Valentine’s Day candy several months later and wasting candy are things of the past. Next time you find yourself with an abundance of leftover candy, try these recipes on for size. From chocolate dipped pretzels, to candy-filled blondies, or a creative take on trail mix, everybody can find their perfect recipe. “What I like about these recipes is that one can eat the candy in innovative and exciting ways, instead of the same old, straight from the wrapper candy bar,” said Ellen McPherson, 10.

Candy upcycling

March 9, 2020

Are snowball fights a thing of the past?

Claire Berlier, Staff Writer

March 9, 2020

 Sledding, snowball fights, snow angels—these are just a few of the activities people are not enjoying this year as Cincinnati has had hardly any snow as of January 2020.    In fact, January 2020 was almost marked the lowest snowfal...

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