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Ben Ruskin
Hi! My name is Ben Ruskin and I am currently a Junior. This is my third year as a staff member on The Leaf. Last year I was Arts and Entertainment Chief, and this year I am the first ever Social Media Manager. Social Media manager was the perfect position for me, I enjoy creating strong web presence for The Leaf, and at the same time entertaining my peers. I have gained more real world experience in journalism than any other class I have ever taken. Want to hear a joke? What do you call a nosy pepper? A Jalepeno! This is the kind of stuff you can expect to see on our social media platforms. But it is not just jokes, I also post news and other important information. I really enjoy design, and being a part of The Leaf has helped me to realize this passion. I also have a strong passion for movies and t.v. shows, often I write reviews or create infographics for trending shows. I look forward to learning new things each day and continuing my journalism journey.

Ben Ruskin , Social Media Director

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Ben Ruskin