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Eddie Wade
Hi! My name is Eddie Wade and I am a sophomore at Sycamore High School. This is my first year of being a part of Journalism. Throughout the beginning of the year, I had many second thoughts about taking this class, but now that I have many great friends and a helpful teacher, I am learning the ropes and having so much fun! When I am not in school you will probably find me on the tennis court. Tennis is one thing that makes me into another person. One of my former coaches told a group of other players “Eddie will be your friend off the court, but on the court, you don’t want to have anything to do with him.” I feel that I take pride in what I do and I will take great pride in all of my pieces in Journalism. I also enjoy cooking and baking after school. If I could, I would probably be playing tennis while I wait for the cake in the oven to cook. I’m the person in most classes that you would call the “talkative one.” I try to make friends with everyone and if I’m not friends with you now, I will be in the future. I hope that many of my pieces will be published in The Leaf during my time in Journalism. Whenever I get out of high school, I hope to go to college and med school and become a surgeon in the UK. Thanks for reading!

Eddie Wade, Staff Writer

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Eddie Wade