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Serene Tarabishi
Hello friends. This is Serene Tarabishi, a sophomore who’s somehow always tired, even though I’m always drinking some form of caffeine. This is my first year writing for the Leaf, and I’m excited to join this fun and enthusiastic team as a new writer. I personally enjoy the political field of journalism, and am an avid viewer of many political opinion shows, including, but not limited to, The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight. As a writer, my style is heavily influenced by the aforementioned opinion shows and their heavy doses of comedy and laughter. Comedy is a personal passion I pursue, and I prefer writing with a large sprinkling of comedy and a dash of personality, so expect plenty of that when reading anything I write. Other than politics, I generally have a broad interest in the daily news, historical pieces, and anything generally comedic. I’m also known as a “pretty damn good” artist and enjoy wasting my time by doodling on anything and everything I get my hands on. I hope to someday become a part of a comic strip in the Leaf, but we’ll see where that goes. Another thing I’ve been known to obsess about is reading, a favorite pastime of mine since I was in first grade. I love reading about fantasy and murder mysteries alike, and fell in love with historical fiction over time. Someday I dream about writing a novel, and I have written countless notes on story ideas I one day hope to birth.

In general, I am a pretty chill human being who enjoys being a cynical ambivert with a deep love for ice cream, dark humor, and journalism. I am so excited and hope to have a lot of fun writing for the Leaf, and I personally must extend my gratitude towards you for actually reading this far into my description.

Serene Tarabishi, Staff Writer

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Serene Tarabishi