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Claire Lefton
My name is Claire Singer Lefton and chances are you know one of my many relatives and/or siblings. One of my ultimate career goals is being on "Saturday Night Live". In addition to comedy, I love film and film criticism; it's like a mental exercise. I have no specific musical taste in particular, though I have a soft spot for 90s alternative rock. If you ever want a [strong] opinion on anything movies, come and ask me- I live for giving my opinion. In addition to being on the leaf I am an actor and a technician for Aves Theater, a fourth-year Aves Improv member, and the co-president of Sycamore's Gay Straight Trans Alliance.


Claire Lefton , A&E Chief

May 12, 2016
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Sep 22, 2015
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May 28, 2015
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May 22, 2015
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May 21, 2015
Avengers, Annihilate! (Story)
May 21, 2015
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May 07, 2015
International invasive coverage of imperial infant (Story)
Apr 24, 2015
‘All’s Well That Ends Well’ for Shakespeare performers (Story)
Apr 09, 2015
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Mar 26, 2015
Big Brother Barbie (Story)
Mar 24, 2015
The poor behind the rich (Story)
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Feb 26, 2015
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Feb 12, 2015
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Jan 29, 2015
‘American Sniper’: patriotism or propaganda? (Story)
Jan 27, 2015
Film fans spit fire on Academy Awards (Story)
Jan 21, 2015
‘A Competition Piece’ (One Act) (Story)
Jan 12, 2015
Death by comedy: How pulling ‘The Interview’ impairs the film industry (Story)
Dec 17, 2014
Red vs. Blue (Story)
Dec 12, 2014
‘Star Wars’ stirs students (Story)
Dec 10, 2014
Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6’ flies high (Story)
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Female influence increases in Washington (Story)
Nov 10, 2014
Australian teen joins ISIS (Story)
Oct 16, 2014
Supreme court suspends same-sex marriage ban in five states (Story)
Oct 01, 2014
Ancient Greek adaptation offers experimental production (Story)
The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio
Claire Lefton