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Grace Zhang
Hey there! My name is Grace Zhang and I am currently a junior at SHS. I’m thrilled to continue my work through my second year on staff. 

You see, although I’ve always enjoyed writing, I never found my “niche.” After joining journalism on a whim last year, the creative and encouraging atmosphere in room 115 helped me discover where my true passion lies: fashion journalism.

Why fashion?

Generally, many believe there's no purpose behind fashion and I hope to change the minds of those who think this way. The truth is, there's something empowering about wearing outfits that fit your personal style, outfits that make you feel confident...some just haven't figured out exactly what their personal style consists of, which is something I hope I can help with through my articles.

Now not only will I continue my journey of writing articles, but I have also earned the role of Associate Web Editor this year, where I will help manage our website as well as consistently post content. 

As for how to find me outside of school, just look for the girl who’s eating an absurd amount of grapes, laughing on the golf course, making another checklist or giving speeches in mock trial. And of course, typing away at her laptop while she finishes her latest article.


So with that, 

Happy reading! 

Grace Zhang, Associate Web Editor

Grace Zhang, Associate Web Editor

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Grace Zhang