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Madeleine Suh
Hi! My name is Madeleine Suh and I am a senior at SHS. This is my fourth year writing for The Leaf and I could not be more excited!

For the past three years, I have learned to write from several different slants and angles as well as various genres. The more and more I wrote, I discovered which pieces interested me the most and throughout this process, I developed my personal writing style in which I still continue to improve. My growing love and passion for the Sports section eventually led to my position during my sophomore year as Sports Chief. Additionally, the following year I received a Managing Editor position which instituted my role of true leadership and decision-making in the program. With these roles, I was responsible for editing and overseeing the pages of the Leaf belonging to the Sports, Opinion, and Feature sections. As a part of the editing team, I got to work collaboratively with my peers to create the Package, covering a selected main topic of each issue.

This year I am honored to be the 2020-2021 Editor-in-Chief of The Leaf. The skills and experiences I have gained while a part of the program have allowed me to feel confident and prepared for this role. Some of my favorite responsibilities as a high school journalist is interviewing my classmates: finding out more about them, their lives, and their individual talents. Additionally, journalism is an incredible outlet for me to improve and practice skills such as expressing creativity, organizing research, and communicating with a large organization, which will be important tools for the rest of my life regardless of my profession. As one in about 1,700 students at SHS, it may seem like our opinions and lives are not easily shared; however, it is my mission that with The Leaf and website, I am able to share stories and information with the entire student body.

Outside of my academics, I enjoy playing varsity tennis and running track for Sycamore. Athletics have always been a large part of me and I am so grateful I can show that within my writing as well. I am passionate about school involvement including my roles in Student Council and Women in STEM club as well. I hope to carry my journalistic abilities into the future, possibly extending this passion to college and beyond. In addition, I look to pursue my love of science and focus on my education in biomedical studies while continuing my many hobbies and voicing my Sycamore pride.

Go Aves!

Madeleine Suh, Editor in Chief

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Madeleine Suh