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Anisa Khatana
Hello, and welcome to the only existing web address with my full name included in it. My chronic indecision has thus far killed all attempts to add value to that greeting. Onward.

I am a senior in my third year on staff; this year, I am very excited to be The Leaf’s Editor in Chief. As Editor, I oversee all of The Leaf’s platforms (print, web, broadcast, and social media), manage advertising, create resources and plans for our staff, pick up odd jobs, write, report, and design. I love being a part of The Leaf because it is the intersection of so many of the things I hold dear. It is a remarkable feeling to contribute to a group of students that independently produces and runs an entire publication. As a leader, I adore watching and supporting our staffers’ ambition and wild ideas. Thanks to the dedication of these incredible staffers along with the support of our advisor and other SHS educators, The Leaf has grown into a program that has the power and potential to be and do anything it chooses. On that sentimental note, the parts of myself that are neither indecisive nor editors have a multitude of interests and passions including, but not limited to, language (which is the short way of describing my gusto for writing and reading (books, novels, journalism, poetry, and other lovely combinations of words) and studying the English language and other global languages), the world (i.e. travel), dance and art of all forms, art history, music, produce, philosophy, and social and environmental justice. Now that I have effectively murdered the parenthesis, I would like to ascribe my love of dance to the 12 years of studio and competitive dance I have been so fortunate as to enjoy. Art makes me tick. Social justice in my life is manifested most markedly through political activism, menstrual activism, and constant self-education and advocacy. I serve as co-founder and co-president of Period Awareness, Access, and Dignity (PAAD) Club. Our club exists to expand access to menstrual products, combat period stigma, and address the related political and socioeconomic issues (follow us on Instagram and Twitter @shspaadclub—and follow @shsleaf too while you’re at it). Perhaps by the time you are reading this, I will have developed some practical notion of what I want to do with my life. Thank you very much for visiting this page.

Anisa Khatana, Editor in Chief

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The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio
Anisa Khatana