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Allison McElroy
Hi! My name is Allison McElroy and I am a sophomore. This is my first year on the staff. I joined journalism because I love writing and thought this class would be a great outlet for me to do so. I hope to grow as a writer throughout the year.  I am a part of the PR team, which is a group who works to help the Leaf better target its audience. We organize and run contests and gather feedback from students. At school, I participate in yoga club. I discovered yoga last year and it is a great way to relax after a long day! I also started working with students with special needs as a peer mentor in the Adaptive PE class this year and this brings me joy every day. I’m hoping to become involved in other clubs this year as well. Outside of school, one of my passions is singing in the Cincinnati Youth Choir. This year is my sixth year singing in choir. I love to sing and my choir makes me happy. Singing in CYC relieves any stress or problems I may have that day and makes me feel calm. CYC is a great community of people who come together to make beautiful music and support one another. Additionally, I love hanging out with my friends, baking, babysitting, and traveling. Thanks for reading, I’m so excited to be on The Leaf staff this year!

Allison McElroy, PR Team

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Allison McElroy