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Maya Goldenberg
Hello reader!
Thanks to my name being displayed in a large and bold font to the right, you probably know that I am Maya Goldenberg!
This is my first year on staff for The Leaf. I joined the staff in hopes of becoming more comfortable with writing, while also developing my own writing style; however, my main motivation was my desire to become Rory Gilmore from ‘The Gilmore Girls’.
As you may have surmised, in my free time I like to watch ‘The Gilmore Girls’ reruns- but that is not all I do.
I run cross country and I am an avid baker (My philosophy is run first, eat a bunch of dessert second.)
Recently, I have taken an interest in sewing and design, so I decided to join Fashion Club and become a board member for Fashion for the Cure.
Finally, on Sundays, I am a madricha, or teacher’s assistant at my synagogue where I basically laugh and play with third graders for three hours.
Thanks for reading about me!

Maya Goldenberg, Staff Writer

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The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio
Maya Goldenberg