• NHS induction ceremony, November 19
  • 2nd Quarter interim's, November 19
  • Thanksgiving Break, November 27-31

The Leaf

Hi! I am Bhaavya Jha, a sophomore at SHS. I am currently learning how to play guitar, so I am really into music. I am also a copy editor in journalism right now, which is really fun to be. I think it is a really creative place to be at, if one likes writing, I suggest taking the class. I love singing, I like writing songs, but they do not always turn out to be good. Writing poems is a passion of mine, as is drawing. I am a person who absolutely likes science and I aspire to be a cardiologist one day, as I would like to help people. I speak Hindi and I am learning Spanish now, but, I really like Korean. In fact, I like watching Korean drama too, I still watch cartoons because it reminds me of my imagination. I like reading books too, suspense and mystery, and fantasy are my favorite, but, I also like teen fiction. I am really enthusiastic about traveling and meeting new people because I think culture is something really unique to know about. I have traveled to Dubai and Hong-Kong, and trust me they are amazing places! So, that is pretty much about me. I do not know if I have to mention this, but I love food! Okay, thanks for reading.

bjha, Copy Editor

The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio