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Elijah Zawatsky
Senior year has come, and my time in room 115 is beginning to come to a close. Dedicating a large part of my high school career to this program is a decision I do not regret. As one of this year’s Co-Editor in Chiefs of The Leaf, I hope to add my work  and leadership to this program’s long tradition of excellence. In previous years I served as a sports writer and eventual sports chief for The Leaf, as well as a blogger for the blog Meandering Conversations and page editor for The Leaflet. In addition to my time spent in room 115, I play tennis on the school team, am a part of the Model UN delegation, and am an avid lover of sushi. I also volunteer as an assistant religious school teacher for 5th graders on Sunday Mornings. I hope to major in Mechanical or Aerospace engineering, as I love problem solving, math, and science.

Elijah Zawatsky, Sports Chief

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Elijah Zawatsky