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Hajime Minoguchi
I am a sophomore and thus this is my first year on The Leaf Staff. I have always enjoyed writing and reading stories in a degree that I have even thought about learning literature in college. I spend most of my free time studying (yes, I am a nerd) and watching Japanese animes which I actually enjoy. I play the violin in the SHS orchestra, and even play a role as a treasurer for the Sycamore Orchestra Council. I take pleasure in joining clubs because I get to meet unique personalities. I am currently a part of Science Bowl, Japanese Club, Fencing, Chemistry Club, and Model UN. Last year, I was in the Tennis Team and Academic Quiz Team (AQT), in which I plan to join this year also. I hope to spend my remaining three years to improve my writing abilities and work towards my goal of going into economics or medical.

Hajime Minoguchi , Staff Writer

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Hajime Minoguchi