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Jacob Englander
My name is Jacob Englander.  My Hebrew name is יעקב אנגלנדר.  My Mandarin name is 安杰克.  This is my second year on staff.  I was a staff writer last year, and this year I am News Chief for the Leaf.  I signed up last year because my sister, Lila Englander, a senior on staff, strongly encouraged me to do so.  This may be some of the best advice she has given me.  I loved my year on staff, and I can’t wait to do it again.Some of my interests include: reading, eating food, traveling,seeing movies, learning languages, and talking to new people.  I am on a Taekwondo Sparring Competition team, and have been to nationals.  I intend to go again this year.  I also volunteer at the dojo, helping younger students learn Taekwondo.  Last summer, I went to Japan.  This winter I will go to Mexico.  I also want to do a semester abroad in Israel, and am applying for a six week trip to China, funded by the State Department. In 10 years I hope to have graduated graduate school, and have gotten a job.  

Jacob Englander, News Chief

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Jacob Englander