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Yasmine Guedira
I’m a sophomore, My name is Yasmine Guedira. All throughout my life I have enjoyed meeting new people, doing different things and exploring around the world. I love hearing people’s stories and sharing them and one day I long to seek adventure far from my home. I’ve never been able to fit myself in one category in regards to my interests. Ever since I asked for a microscope for my 8th birthday, I have always been interested in science and the structure and history of the world around us. I enjoy spending my time doing theatre professionally with the Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati, studying acting and dance at the CCM as well as participating school musicals and choir for the past five years. I believe that one of our most important goals in life should be to help other people and give back. In the future i plan to do just that.


Yasmine Guedira , Staff Writer

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Yasmine Guedira