• AP Exams, May 11- May 22
  • Last day of school, May 15

The Leaf

Varsity tennis continues conditioning

Caroline Gao, Executive Editor-in-Chief

November 1, 2015

  Only two weeks after members on the Varsity Gold Tennis team clenched their state runner-up title in the Ohio High School Athletic Association State Team Tournament, athletes return to intense training.     Sophomore Kaitlyn Jiang said, “Coach Michael Teets really emphasiz...

Quality sleep impacts performance

Caroline Gao, Executive Editor-in-Chief

October 7, 2015

People need a set time to wake-up from sleep. That time will depend in part on a person's circadian clock, or chronotype. People can figure out how much sleep they need to feel alert by working backward from a wake-up to find a...

Varsity tennis sustains success

Caroline Gao, Executive Editor-in-Chief

October 5, 2015

  Sunlight shines onto the faces of the players on the Girls Varsity Gold tennis team as they sprint across the courts. Whether swinging at serves, groundstrokes, or volleys, members continue to improve their technique.     Senior Amanda Peck said, “Coach Michael Teets really emphasizes good techniqu...

A common AP course for juniors to take is AP United States History. That course involves many hours of study. “AP US History is a hard course that takes time to adjust to,” junior Brianna Dooley said.

AP courses push limits

April 15, 2015

The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio