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Caroline Gao
Hi! My name is Caroline Gao and I’m a senior here at Sycamore High School. This is my fourth year on staff. As a part of The Leaf, our national award-winning, student-run publication, I hold the position of Executive Editor-in-Chief. My duties include overseeing the production of all four of our platforms: print newsmagazine, online magazine, website, and broadcast department. I enjoy exploring multiple genres and thus have written a multitude of articles including feature, opinion, news, and sports.


I also take great pride in designing pages [Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator] and editing/shooting videos [Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere]. I can’t wait for another amazing year with my fellow journalists!


More about myself:


I find volunteering to be extremely rewarding: I play piano as a volunteer musical therapist at Bethesda North Hospital and am the Treasurer for Sycamore’s National Honor Society, the largest organization at the high school. I am also a mentor for my school’s Fast Track tutoring program!


In addition to volunteering, I also captain Sycamore’s Varsity A tennis team, and in the offseason, play at a local club and in USTA tournaments. This past season, our team placed as State Runners-up in the OHSAA State Team Tournament! I also really enjoy music- especially the piano.


Quote to live by: “No one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe” - Harry Gray.


Caroline Gao , Executive Editor-in-Chief

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Caroline Gao