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Joshua Patterson
  Normally, I would start this bio with something along the lines of “I’m Josh Patterson, and I’m a Junior,” but instead I am going to start with a polar bear joke. How does a polar bear stop the VCR? He hits the ‘paws’ button. Now that you a thoroughly entertained by that joke, it is time to hit you with the more vital information, so while I go through this just keep thinking of the polar bear. I am a junior and this is my third year on staff, this is also my first year as a columnist for the Leaf and write my opinion on anything from puppies to Donald Trump. Now to the more interesting things. Being someone who currently lives in a state which is mostly cornfields, I have always wanted to live in a city. My likes include being a huge fan of Chipotle and soccer. I also think O.J. Simpson did it. Also, I have decided that short hair is overrated and meerkats should be the national animal along with the eagle. Finally, I enjoy making people laugh, which is why I’m going to end this with another polar bear joke. What does a polar bear eat in the winter? A brrr-itto. Have a nice day.

Joshua Patterson , Staff Writer

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Joshua Patterson