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Lindsey Brinkman
Hello online reader! My name is Lindsey Brinkman and I am a senior, thus making this my fourth and final year on the Leaf staff. 

I currently hold the position of one of the two Managing Editors and I am also the Package Chief, which basically means I help design, edit, and fix pages for our news magazine. Over the course of my time in the journalism program, I have learned to use Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, but I have found every day I learn something new!

Even though I have spent most of my high school life doing something involved with journalism, I have made sure to get involved with other activities too. Currently, I am apart of the color guard, winter guard, and the fencing club. As well as those few commitments, I have played the cello for eight years now, and I am a part of the school Symphonic Orchestra. In orchestra, I hold the position as Vice President! This is my first year in this position, and I have enjoyed every aspect of it so far. As well as holding a position with the Orchestra Council, I am also part of the marching band Leadership Team.

 All in all, thank you for stopping by and supporting The Leaf! I hope you can find something that sparks your interest! And, I hope you have a happy and positive day!


Lindsey Brinkman, Managing Editor

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Lindsey Brinkman