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Hannah Loftspring
Welcome! My name is Hannah Loftspring and I am so glad you have come across my staff profile. I am very passionate about The Leaf and Leaflet, our print and online magazines. I take great pride in my work, displayed to the right, especially the more design-based ones. I feel very strongly that the students in a school should know who they are sitting next to in class, what cool things they are up to, and interesting opportunities or experiences they have been apart of. Knowing this places us one step closer to being unified as a school! I hold the position of Spotlight Chief, allowing me to interview a new student every month so they can have an entire page in The Leaf, showcasing what makes them unique. More information about me: I love to ride bikes with others, smelling the fresh air and stopping along trails to photograph the scenery around me. I find that it is a great stress reliever from my other exhausting activities. Though they are time-consuming and exhausting, I enjoy them very much. These include managing the recycling and compost station during lunchtime to contribute to Sycamore’s Green Initiative, and weekly Environmental Club meetings where we collect recycling for the entire school. Aside from that, I serve as the president of Gardening Club, Vice President of Student Council and the head of multiple Student Council committees, planning a multitude of events each year. Last year, I worked with other Student Council Representatives and companies to plan both homecoming and prom, as well as other fundraising events to benefit local organizations and some individuals associated with the Sycamore community.

Hannah Loftspring, Spotlight Chief

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Hannah Loftspring