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Hannah May
Ordinarily, when meeting a new person I extend my hand for a politely firm handshake and introduce myself with the following “Hello, I’m Hannah May, it’s nice to meet you,”. However, with this being an online encounter, I am forced to alter my go to the introduction. I’ll begin by offering you, mystery person stalking my Leaf profile, a virtual handshake. Now that we have gotten to know each other, I will proceed to brag about myself and my accomplishments; I assume that because you are reading this, you are at least a tad interested in what I do. As a senior at SHS, this is my fourth year on staff. I have acted as a staff writer, news chief, sports chief and am currently the co-executive editor-in-chief.  While juggling my academic workload, I also play water polo, swim competitively, am an avid Netflix binge watcher and a sports enthusiast. I am constantly struggling and pushing myself to do adventurous activities,possibly to prove to myself that I am capable of doing more than snuggling with my cats. Nevertheless, my fear of heights coupled with my excessively sweaty pores lends way to my natural inclination towards air conditioning. Now that I have sufficiently satisfied my ego, I will leave you with a piece of advice that I live my life by “Never be afraid to be weird,”.

Hannah May , Executive Editor-in-Chief

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Hannah May