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Emily Chien
As a junior, this is my third year on the journalism staff. This year, I'll be working on staff as the Leaflet Managing Editor alongside other extracurricular activities like Model UN, Yoga Club, Meditation Group, and the wonderful art service projects hosted by my school. Outside of school, I spend a day each month working with Regional Youth Leadership on service learning and leadership projects around my community. I have quite a passion for design and am always learning and trying new things. The reason I participate in the Leaf and Leaflet is because of the amazing feeling completing and publishing a page gives you. The only way to achieve that feeling, however, is through hard work and dedication. As a managing editor, I oversee and contribute to the online magazine, the Leaflet, which typically has an umbrella topic and tends to focus on design and infographics. In the future, I plan on majoring in graphic design and learn how to convey messages visually, which I get a lot of practice with on the Leaf staff. In the high school, I am able to make a difference as well as express myself through our amazing art program and service projects. So far, I have painted portraits for children in impoverished countries, landscapes for children living at the Ronald McDonald house, and more. I am also an avid traveler, as my dad currently lives in Sydney, Australia and has lived in Singapore. I believe that through travel and personal expression, I can make a difference in the world.

Emily Chien, Leaflet Managing Editor

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The student voice of Sycamore High School in Cincinnati, Ohio
Emily Chien